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We’re currently living in an extremely health-conscious age. From eating organic foods, to using the best colon cleanser, to practicing rigorous exercise regimens, it seems everyone is focused on the quickest, easiest methods for physical fitness and overall well-being. With all of this emphasis on feeling better and eliminating impurities, it’s no wonder the colon cleansing industry has enjoyed such a high spike in demand in recent years.

Many believe that an effective colon detox can help promote overall health and perhaps even prevent certain diseases that can originate in the colon. Advocates tout many benefits of a colon cleanse, including improved skin, regulated bowel function, improved absorption of valuable nutrients and minerals from foods, weight loss, increased energy, improved mental clarity and concentration, and an overall greater sense of well-being.

Why does the body need a good colon cleanser in the first place? Over time, fecal matter can build up in the walls of the colon, decreasing its efficiency and preventing it from expelling digested food from your body. After many days, months, and years of this build-up, old food putrefies into toxic parasites that slowly poison your colon, leading to poor health, sluggishness, worsened allergies and colds, and a host of illnesses. An intestinal cleansing keeps the colon clear and unclogged, allowing it to perform its duties without obstruction.

Natural colon cleansing is the most efficient way to purge impurities from the body and to promote good colon care. There are many different options and variations claiming to be the best colon cleanser technique, from all-natural herbs coupled with fasting to specially formulated bowel cleansers that use fast-acting chemicals to flush parasites and pollutants from the system. So, with the staggering number of intestinal cleansing products on the market, how do you know which is the best colon cleanser technique for you?

For those new to the colon cleansing process, the easiest way to start is probably by using a bowel cleansing kit. However, if you’re looking for a more convenient method, you may want to evaluate different intestinal cleansers, which allow you to easily receive a daily dose of colon cleansing herbs by simply taking one capsule per day. Be sure to choose the best colon cleanser method for your specific body type, so as not to exacerbate any pre-existing condition you might have. For instance, if you’ve suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or another digestive complication, you’ll want to select a milder colon cleaning product with no harsh or abrasive components. Or, if you’d prefer to create your own colonic cleanser, there are many available resources to help you formulate your own homemade colon cleanse kit.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast assortment of colon cleaning products on the market. The majorities fall into one of two categories: fiber-based and oxygen-based. Fiber-based natural colon cleansers use fiber to purge the colon of impurities. Oxygen-based intestinal cleansers use pure oxygen to rid the colon of toxins. To find the best colon cleanser method for you, we recommend trying both and gauging their levels of effectiveness.

For those seeking ultimate digestive hygiene, a practice known as “master” internal cleansing is gaining in popularity. With this technique, a natural colon cleanser is combined with a liver cleanser to flush out as many impurities as possible from both organs.

Before choosing the best colon cleanser technique for you, we recommend that you read a broad assortment of colon cleanse reviews to learn as much as possible about the benefits, risks, and applications of each.