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Dual Action Cleanse Review

Is Dual Action Cleanse Really An Effective Colon Cleanser?


The Dual Action Cleanse colon cleansing solution is actually a two-part system. It consists of a standard colon cleanser along with a Total Body Purifier to flush digestive organs of poisonous toxins and built-up waste.

Ideal for those with demanding schedules that make shake-mixing or fasting difficult, Dual Action Cleanse is administered in a convenient tablet format. Dosage is just one tablet per day for a 30-day period, which is much simpler than the multiple dosages prescribed by other herbal colon cleansers. One potential drawback of the tablet form is that tablets are created using a heat-powered process, which can sometimes compromise the mix of vitamins and nutrients. Tablets can also be more difficult to digest than capsules, shakes, or powder mixtures.

Many users of Dual Action Cleanse have reported significant success in the following areas:

Increased Regularity: Many Dual Action Cleanse users have enjoyed a reduction in constipation and more frequent, regular bowel movements.

Improved Well-Being & Energy Levels: As a positive side effect of digestive regularity and intestinal cleansing, many Dual Action Cleanser customers have reported a surge in overall levels of health, wellness, and liveliness. A general feeling of lightness seems to facilitate exercise, which also contributes to enhanced physical fitness.

Weight Loss: Although this product is not marketed as a weight loss tool, the purification of the colon and digestive system can result in weight control, a reduction of water retention, and a lessening of stomach bloating.

One tablet of Dual Action Cleanse contains a wide range of herbal colon cleansing ingredients, including but not limited to:

  • Fennel Seed: Alleviates stomach pain and gas

  • Oat Bran Fibers: Binds with toxic waste and facilitates its removal from the digestive system

  • Alfalfa Leaf: Helps to bulk stools and aids in peristalsis

  • Beet root: A natural colon cleanse fiber that purges the eliminatory system of toxic wastes

  • Mint Leaf, Guar Gum, and Acacia Gum: Supports healthy digestion and elimination

  • Slippery Elm Bark: Soothes the digestive tract

  • Shattered Cell Wall Chlorella: Provides detoxification of the blood and vital organs

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus: A "good" bacteria that helps detoxify the colon of harmful bacteria

  • Guar Gum: Regulates levels of glucose in the system

  • Turnip: Results in improved circulation and purification of the blood

  • Garlic: Improves digestive function

  • Pau D'Arco root: Enhances the immune system and eliminates harmful microorganisms

One of the potential shortcomings of Dual Action Cleanse is that it uses an herb called Cascara Sagrada, which some believe should not be ingested for more than seven days at a time, supported by the company‚Äôs assertion that colon cleansing products are not intended for long-term use. However, Cascara Sagrada is a common ingredient in several different colon cleansing formulas, so this is not uncommon.

It is not recommended that Dual Action Cleanse be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.

Results are usually enhanced when the use of Dual Action Cleanse is combined with a healthy, sensible diet and a regular exercise program. When evaluating colon cleaning agents, we recommend educating yourself fully on what each one offers in terms of ingredients, promised benefits, and side effects. Although a large amount of users have experienced success with this colon cleansing product, keep in mind that not every internal cleansing solution is ideal for everyone.