Safe Colon Cleansers


Coleanse Diet to Prevent Colon Cancer


Nearly 150,000 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year; of those people, 60,000 people are expected to die. While doctors don’t know exactly what causes colon cancer, a recent study found that a diet high in processed meats, roast beef, lamb and pork can increase one’s risk of colon cancer. But if the red meat is stuck in your colon, along with other undigested food and fecal matter? According to proponents of colon cleansing, our colons can harbor up to 10 pounds of this toxic waste material.

While it is the second leading killer cancer in the U.S., colon cancer can be treated if found early enough through screenings. Another way to improve the health of your colon is to use colon cleansing products such as Coleanse. Coleanse is an all-natural formula designed to clear the colon of undigested red meat along with other food and toxic waste. Clearing the colon of this material with a may help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

In addition to reducing the risk of colon cancer, a Coleanse diet may also reduce the risk of other health issues, such as fatigue, belly bloating, impaired digestion, bad breath, parasite infections, skin problems, and irritable bowel syndrome.